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The Malays form the majority of the population. Some Malays are of Arab descent and there are sizable Chinese and Indian communities. (In Malaysia there is 3 main races, Malays, Chinese and Indians. Malays can trace their ancestors to Indonesians and arabians.) Islam is the largest as well as the official religion of the federation. The Malay language is the official language. The Malay language was originally written in Pallava from India, the earliest known inscriptions in Malay were found in southern Sumatra and on the island of Bangka and date from 683–6 AD. They were written in an Indian script during the time of the kingdom of Srivijaya, but nowadays, the Roman alphabet (Rumi) is more often used.
Malaysia is a founding member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and participates in many international organisations such as the United Nations. As a former British colony, it is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. It is also a member of the Developing 8 Countries.


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t started with 12 girls in 1 house competing for 1 grand prize. 11 weeks and 24 drama-dripping heart-pounding episodes later, 1 girl triumphed over all and emerged the new Malaysian Dreamgirl.

The incredible Season 2 is now officially over. Thank you for watching and being part of the show.

Season 3 is already in the works and auditions will kick off later this year. We promise you one thing: It will
be fabulous!

Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 first aired from 28th March 2009 to 21st May 2009.

Malaysia . All Countries on the World

Malaysian Dreamgirl is a reality series based on a model search competition. The show follows the lives of 12 young women as they step into the extraordinary world of modelling, endure the drama of living together and compete for the grand prize.

All video episodes of this series can be watched exclusively at this very site 24x7x365. Just sit back and click play.

This ground-breaking show is officially recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records as the first online reality series in Malaysia.

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You’ve watched the episodes. Now get the juice on what happens when the cameras stop rolling!

Read all about the drama on the set of Season 2, the other side of the story from the models themselves, debatable opinions by our ragtag band of contributors and lots more. You definitely won’t wanna miss the action here.

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You can now get the latest gossip, find out where the girls are, join mobile contests, win cash, download unreleased photos and videos, and lots more wherever you are with your mobile phone. Join our Mobile Community now - it's free!

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